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Outstanding Customer Service Award

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Before you begin: It is very important to ensure you have a back up of what you will enter in the following form. We would advise looking over the form questions first and type your entry into a Word Document, then when you are ready, copy and paste this into the relevant boxes.

1. Who Can Enter?

The award is designed to reward exceptional standards of customer service and to promote these success stories as examples to the Industry.

Customers’ evidence for the nominated person or persons must show examples of them going over and above what would be normally be expected of them.

Nominations could include individuals or teams of people who have recognised the absolute importance of both welcome and customer service and who consistently demonstrate an exceptional customer care ethos.

Businesses and individuals from all parts of the visitor economy are eligible to enter this award including retail, entertainment, hospitality, transport, tour operators and guiding services as well as accommodation and visitor attractions.

All applicants must work for an organisation or business that is a member of Welcome to Yorkshire.

The judges will be looking for examples of exceptional service that demonstrably goes above and beyond what is usually expected.

The answers to the following questions form the basis of your submission to the White Rose Awards 2018. Supporting documentation is helpful to illustrate your answers and may include visitor feedback, extract from promotional material, sample leaflet, quality images etc. You can submit this at the end of your application.

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