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Yorkshire Days In campaign

These are unprecedented times for the Yorkshire tourism industry. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in lots of families and individuals needing to self-isolate and has restricted many people from visiting their favourite restaurants, attractions and shops. Businesses, more than ever, are having to think about how they can adapt their products and services so that they can connect with their usual customers. 

We've thought long and hard about how we can play a role in connecting tourism businesses with the Yorkshire population and as a result, we have created a Yorkshire Days In campaign.

The concept is simple - tourism businesses provide us with a range of fun and inspirational ideas that are related to their product but, critically, can be done by individuals and families at home. Let us bring your business to the front room of every person in Yorkshire.

Suggestions for content include:

  • A cookery school could provide recipes that people can try to re-create at home
  • A garden or park could provide tips on how individuals can get their own gardens ready for Summer 2020
  • A literature festival could suggest books to read when in self-isolation
  • You could provide art and crafts challenges based on your product - e.g. build your own train, draw your own a roller-coaster, attempt your own science experiment!

We will add as much quality content as possible to our Yorkshire Days In microsite and push content out through our social media channels. You can send through articles, downloadable challenges, videos, amazing photography etc. 

The idea being that, in these difficult times, we can continue to keep your business in the hearts and minds of your customers and then, when the pandemic is over, we will encourage people to come and experience your products and services first hand.  

Send through your ideas and content to Tom on [email protected] today.

Finally, don't forget to join in the conversation on social media too using #YorkshireTogether. If we work as one Yorkshire team, we will get through this.


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