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Working from home and energy use

The world is almost unrecognisable from just a few weeks ago; since the global health crisis, individuals and businesses have seen some unprecedented changes.

As an energy supplier, we spend a lot of time advising customers on ways to work more efficiently and therefore, reduce their bills. Just because you’re no longer in the office, doesn’t mean you can forget about energy consumption. So, we’ve put together some considerations for you, which may just save you some money - we know that during a slowdown, every penny counts.

Switch it off

It may not be an option for everyone, and we urge you to work within the Government’s guidelines for social distancing and essential travel, but if your type of business is a key one and you have a skeleton staff, or if you work in a managed building where there may be security or a manned desk to help - consider making sure anything that can be turned off, is. Lots of offices sat with thousands of things left switched on will add up and it’s not great for the planet either.

Things left on standby are adding to your bills, which is something we know we all care extra about right now - don’t pay twice if you’re working from home!

If your dining room is now your office, or even if you have proper set up, do a switch off at the end of the day. Put your workspace to sleep and regain your living space, while saving energy!

Let there be light

Light is of course important for your ability to work and for your mental wellbeing, but consider working nearer a window if you can as it will have multiple benefits. We can all use less electricity now spring has arrived and we’ll feel better for it.

Know your ‘energy vampires’

Be wary of the things that consume your energy without knowing. Carrying your laptop around with you and therefore not leaving it ‘plugged in’ is one thing, but the charger itself transforms electricity drawn from the grid to the correct lower voltage for your specific laptop to receive. However, even if you took your laptop into another room but left the cable plugged in, it would still be drawing and transforming the energy but going nowhere.

Keep up with your meter readings

It would be pretty easy given the circumstances to forget to submit readings, but you can do this quickly online and it could help you avoid any estimated bills. Don’t pay more than you need to!

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