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WALKSHIRE - We’re serious about walking!

Walkshire is Welcome to Yorkshire’s campaign to underpin Yorkshire as the walking capital of the world.

Yorkshire is a destination known for some of the most beautiful countryside and coastal walks on the planet but Welcome to Yorkshire’s all-encompassing marketing campaign will include walks around towns & cities, in groups or for individuals, for families and colleagues as we demonstrate the physical and mental health benefits of walking as both a recreational activity and whilst at work.

Walkshire will underline the economic impact that walkers can have on any area with their spend per head being higher than most visitors as well as the obvious ecological benefits such as a reduction in carbon emissions. 

As lockdown under Coronavirus highlighted, walking as an activity has perhaps been underrated. Exploring the beauty of what is on our doorstep forces us all to appreciate the beauty and intrigue through our footsteps. Walking is the most exclusive of activities. No expertise or specialist equipment is needed. Anyone can walk anywhere at any time and at any pace. 

The calendar of events will include four major themes to follow the seasons with one major event planned over a weekend to get the “Whole of Yorkshire walking together!” In addition, there are plans to have a walk a day promoted across all WTY’s digital channels to allow organisations of any size to participate in marketing activities. 

For example: On any given day we will focus on a walk somewhere in the county that could focus on culture, heritage, food/drink, places to stop for coffee or something stronger, places to stay for the night or have dinner. Routes could include a one-mile novice option up to a 5-mile walk for those committing to the full day!

Love to walk?

Imagine walks around York’s City walls, the theatres of Sheffield, the museums of Leeds or maritime history of Hull not to mention the more obvious destinations such as the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moors and Peak District National parks or our stunning Jurassic coastline.

Welcome to Yorkshire will use a host of self-generated, existing walks but invite daily social media interaction from our community of followers. This will encourage engagement and inspire others to submit new walks in their localised areas. By demonstrating that walking is multilayered across all sectors, genres and seasons we can market our activity to members, non-members and the public to include heritage walks, canal walks, food & drink walks, ghost walks, TV location walks and of course for our charity partner Yorkshire Cancer Research - sponsored walks.

We welcome your suggestions for ways to become involved and possibly expand on our activities.

Email your proposals and expressions of interest for sponsored day walk content starting from £50 per day, as well as any other suggestions and ideas you may have to [email protected]

Please start to engage with us by using the hashtag #Walkshire across all social media!

Let’s get Yorkshire walking!


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