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Top-tips for filming a video

We’re using our social channels to keep businesses and consumers up to date with information around current events, but also to encourage positive thoughts and motivation during these testing times.

Whether it’s to share an inspirational message of support to other businesses or to capture the realities of how the situation is affecting your lives, we’d love to hear from you. Check out some of our top-tips for filming a video:

  1. You don’t need loads of fancy equipment – a phone in selfie-mode will do
  2. Hold your phone landscape, rather than portrait – this makes it easier to see what’s going on
  3. Think about your background – can you get to somewhere that’s related to what you’re talking about? If you’re using a plain wall, you don’t need to stand right up against it – a bit of space can be good!
  4. Watch your lighting – try not to stand right in front of a source of light, like a window in a dark room or a lightbulb, or you might look very shadowy. You might need to try a few different places to find what works
  5. Avoid too much background noise – for example, if you stand next to something like a fridge there will be a constant hum in your video. If the sound relates to what you’re talking about though, it can work – if you’re filming from a distillery, the noise of the machinery would make sense as long as it doesn’t drown out your words.

And for content … 

  1. Know what you’re saying before you start – this will help you stay on topic
  2. If you’re feeling nervous, have a practice run! It won’t be shown live, so you can do as many takes as you need
  3. Try and think of 3 key points to get across – if you can remember those, you won’t need to be reading a piece of paper
  4. It doesn’t need to be really long – most videos on social media are under two minutes
  5. Be yourself! You’ll come across as natural and genuine, and that’s what we want to see and hear

Send your content to [email protected] via WeTransfer or similar.


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