Top 10 tips for making the most of your membership right now!

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Top 10 tips for making the most of your membership right now!

Encouraging Voucher Sales

We are creating an online page with links to businesses, to encourage the purchase of vouchers for people to buy as gifts for loved ones, enabling receivers to have an exciting experience or tasteful treat to look forward to. This will also be an opportunity to showcase the county’s wonderful venues and attractions, as well as inspirational ideas to give as a special surprise… BOOK IT. BANK IT. ENJOY IT.

If you wish to be considered for inclusion in this complimentary opportunity, please forward the following information to Carolyn Nicoll e: [email protected]:

  • a link to your online voucher page
  • a line of copy about what can be experienced/purchased with the voucher (30 words maximum)
  • a high res image

Space may be limited but Welcome to Yorkshire will endeavour to include as many as possible.

Creating Video Content

We’re using our social channels to keep businesses and consumers up to date with information around current events, but also to encourage positive thoughts and motivation during these testing times.

Video content is an outlet that has grown in popularity over the last 12 months and we’re encouraging members to use this time to tap into this platform and bring your business to life through video. Please send us any short videos to ensure we have constant content to keep the world engaged with Yorkshire. Some top tips if this is new to you:

Some top tips for creating videos:

  1. You don’t need loads of fancy equipment – a phone in selfie-mode will do
  2. Hold your phone landscape, rather than portrait – this makes it easier to see what’s going on
  3. Think about your background – can you get to somewhere that’s related to what you’re talking about? If you’re using a plain wall, you don’t need to stand right up against it – a bit of space can be good!
  4. Watch your lighting – try not to stand right in front of a source of light, like a window in a dark room or a lightbulb, or you might look very shadowy. You might need to try a few different places to find what works
  5. Avoid too much background noise – for example, if you stand next to something like a fridge there will be a constant hum in your video. If the sound relates to what you’re talking about though, it can work – if you’re filming from a distillery, the noise of the machinery would make sense as long as it doesn’t drown out your words.

And for content … 

  1. Know what you’re saying before you start – this will help you stay on topic
  2. If you’re feeling nervous, have a practice run! It won’t be shown live, so you can do as many takes as you need
  3. Try and think of 3 key points to get across – if you can remember those, you won’t need to be reading a piece of paper
  4. It doesn’t need to be really long – most videos on social media are under two minutes
  5. Be yourself! You’ll come across as natural and genuine, and that’s what we want to see and hear

Updating your page

As more people than ever are likely to be beating boredom by browsing the web, this is a great time for you to make sure your presence on is maximising it’s potential. All members pages can have:

  • Up to ten images and a video
  • Links to your social media channels and TripAdvisor
  • A good up to date description that isn’t too wordy
  • Contact telephone number and email address
  • A link to your website and a link to a booking page (where relevant)
  • Any PDF’s, such as menu’s, that you think visitors would find useful

Please send any update you would like to make to [email protected]

Get involved with our campaign #YorkshireTogether

We have made some changes to both our websites and our social media platforms to keep you all informed on important news that affects your businesses. Its also to hopefully inspire with ideas to support you during this time, please get involved by using the hashtag #YorkshireTogether when posting online and we will share your tips.

Catch up with your account manager

Your dedicated account manager is always available, whether it’s to find out more about how you can be using your membership more or a general chat, in these uncertain times it’s always good to offload and we are here to support your business! Get in touch if you would like a catch-up, if you don’t have your account managers direct details, email [email protected] and your account manager will be in touch.

Get Involved with our Yorkshire Days In campaign

With more and more families and individuals being required to self-isolate due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are attempting to bring a slice of Yorkshire to everyone’s front room! Working with our membership base, we want to provide a range of fun and inspiration activities that people can do at home. For instance, Wensleydale Creamery have provided a film on how you can make your very own cheese at home and Bradford Literature Festival have created a list of must-read books to get you through the next few weeks too. Have a think about how you adapt your business and what information you can provide for us that families can do at home. This could be a video, a downloadable pack (e.g. arts and crafts) or an interesting article or long read. For more information head here.

Entering White Rose Awards

Our online application portal for White Rose Awards entries is open now! There are 19 categories, 14 of these feed into the national Visit England Awards. The deadline for getting your entry in to us is May 20th.

In the near future we’ll be sharing a presentation on information the application process, in the meantime please have a look at the website and consider entering your business into this year’s awards.

Sign up to TXGB

Tourism Exchange Great Britain (TXGB) is a business to business digital platform, connecting tourism Suppliers in England to Distributors around the world. Welcome to Yorkshire has recently become a TXGB Distributor, Attractions and Accommodation providers can now receive bookings from

Brought to you by Visit England, TXGB allows you to access a global network of Distributors in one place at the click of a button. By connecting to TXGB you can manage your availability, pricing, bookings and content across multiple distribution channels, and access a wide range of analytical data.

For SMEs, getting distributed via some of the larger, or niche Distributors can be a daunting task. TXGB offers all the benefits as outlined above, in an accessible way for businesses of all sizes.

Once the world resumes normality, TXGB could give you the potential to reach a wider audience than ever before!


Although we can’t bring you together by holding an actual event right now, there’s different ways you can network online.

  • Is there another a Welcome to Yorkshire member you have been meaning to get in touch with? Drop your account manager and line to do you an introduction.
  • You can also join in conversations online in our members groups on Facebook and Linkedin. A place to share best practise and an opportunity to network with other businesses you perhaps wouldn’t normally get a chance to in everyday business.

Look at adapting your business to welcome a wider range of guests in the future

Customer needs and expectations are constantly changing, Visit England have lots of information on how to make your business more accessible to all:

There’s also a few things you could do at minimum or no cost that could encourage cyclists to pay you a visit:

  • Providing a secure, well-lit and accessible space for cyclists to park / store their bikes
  • Offering access to an outdoor water point for washing bikes and outdoor clothing, it’s handy to have a hose, bucket and sponge nearby too
  • Put together some first aid kits for cyclists to either use or purchase and take with them
  • Have available a puncture repair kit and some basic tools that cyclists could use if needed including a pump
  • Pull together some information on cycling routes in your area, or have available some maps
  • Create a list of cycle friendly businesses in your area, including bike shops, café’s that welcome cyclists, mobile repair companies, taxi services that can carry a bike
  • Look at stocking food items which appeal to cyclists, protein bars, fruit cake, things that are light and easy to carry with them during their ride
  • Many cyclists use a GPS device, make sure you know the grid coordinates of your business or key points of interest to assist with their planning


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