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Make your business more accessible

During these times, Welcome to Yorkshire has been reaching out to our partners to provide our members with expert guidance on specific areas of work  that may be of interest to develop your business.

Through our working relationship with Access for All, here are a few suggestions to start thinking about making your tourism business more accessible.

With Accessible Tourism worth over £12 billion in the U.K. this is a perfect time to start thinking about improving the accessibility of your customer offer so that, once this crisis has passed, it is not just 'business as usual', but better business for All.

Our CEO James Mason says “we are committed to making Yorkshire one of the most accessible tourism destinations in the country by 2025. It’s a big call but it’s very important that we support any initiatives to develop our visitor economy. Providing expertise and advice to all our members for them to understand how they can unlock potential revenue and new customers is key to the service we provide.” 

Although accessibility can seem daunting, these five key suggestions will help organisations make a good start in understanding the needs of disabled people and in making some simple changes that will make a big difference.

  1. Watch the VisitEngland video: Profiting Through Accessible Tourism  to gain a broader understanding.
  2. Create an Access For All tab on the 'home' page of your website. There's a great example on what to include here from Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool.
  3. Produce a free, online Accessibility Guide for your venue on Accessibility Guides website and put a link to this on your website.
  4. Read the free VisitEngland, online guides to Welcoming Autistic People and Welcoming Visitors with Dementia 
  5. Learn from some fantastic Accessible Tourism Role Models by looking at the VisitEngland Inclusive Tourism Award Winners.

We would like to thank Access for All for their support to WTY and our members by providing these suggestions to allow businesses to start to look into the needs of the accessible visitor.

For further information on Access for all go to:



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