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10 Tips to help improve your website

Treat your website like a garden. In order to get the most out of it, you need to look after it. Regular maintenance and updates will keep it functioning effectively.  With that in mind, we’ve come up with some helpful tips to help you do just that:

Update and refresh your copy

Keep your content relevant and up to date. There’s nothing more frustrating as a consumer to see out of date information on a website. Make sure you read your own copy on a regular basis and assess all information making sure it’s precise and relevant. Perhaps you could change content seasonally, address certain holiday periods or adapt it to suit cultural trends. You’ll eventually find the task of updating your website easier over time so keep doing it and you’ll soon me a copywriting pro.

Ensure all your links are working

Visit your website regularly and check all your links are in working order. Broken links can cause frustration to users and inevitably lose their interest in your site altogether. Broken links are often easily fixed so don’t panic if you do find some.

Upload new images

You know the saying – a pictures can say a thousand words. In our modern world, never has this statement been so true. In fact, as far as websites are concerned, an image can completely transform an online presence. Updating the images, you already have on your website is a fast and easy way to make improvements. Just make sure the images are clear, focused and on subject.

Introduce video content

Videos are a quick, easy and fun way to get your message across. Research shows that video is the way consumers are absorbing content on the internet now. Don’t see it as a daunting task, instead see it as a really great way to engage with your customers. You don’t have to be the next Stephen Spielberg, it doesn’t have to include graphics or special effects! A simple video of the local area around the B&B you’re promoting or an insight into how you make your delicious coffees will be a great addition to your website.

Translate your website into different languages

The internet is indeed worldwide, so you don’t know who will be wanting to learn more about your business. Make sure your website can be translated into different languages so you can attract international business. Don’t worry, you don’t need to brush up on your French GCSE, there are plenty of online companies that can do this all for you.

Check out the competition

There’s nothing wrong with checking out your competition. It’s always good to see how companies within your industry are presenting their information online. It may inspire you to up your game or offer up ideas you didn’t think of.

Add a blog to your website

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a pretty strong skill set within your industry. Why not put those skills to good use and create a blog on your website? This form of content marketing gives your business great online visibility. It creates a direct connection to your customers, generates engaging comments and could event attract new daily visitors to your website. Make sure readers can share your blog posts so your message reaches people far and wide.

Make it Mobile Friendly

We all use our phones to browse the internet now so you need to make sure your website can be viewed efficiently on any mobile device. Most website builders can do this for you. It may be as easy as making buttons bigger or changing the design to a simpler format.

Get Social

Add some social media icons to your website to encourage users to follow you. Most platforms have a plugin that you can add to the back-end of your website so that you can pull your live social feeds onto your website. This gives your customer another way in which to keep up to date with what is happening with your business and provides a different way in which they can get in touch with you.

Give a shout out to the businesses you work with

Create a suppliers, supporters & partners section to your website. It’s nice to have support from businesses in your industry or network. This way you can celebrate all the brilliant businesses that you work with and that there are in your area.

Got any other tips that you think businesses should employ when looking at improving their website? Then let us know on social media by joining the conversation - don't forget to use the hashtag #YorkshireTogether.


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