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Yorkshire Tonics from Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods

Yorkshire Tonics are produced by Raisthorpe Manor Fine Foods, based in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds known for producing award winning gins, vodkas, ports and whiskies.

Our passion for gins has led to a passion for tonics resulting in a range of fruit flavoured and premium Yorkshire Tonics. Each tonic contains only natural ingredients and Vitamin C blended to produce a refreshing drink when served over ice or adding a new dimension to floral and fruity gins and vodkas.

The range includes:

Premium Tonic Water, Citrus, Strawberry and Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit and Apple and Elderflower.

Premium Tonic Water

As the name suggests, we have created a premium tonic containing natural extracts of Quassia and Sicilian lemon to satisfy any premium gin drinker. This is a versatile mixer that can be paired with any premium Yorkshire gin or vodka or served simply with ice and a slice.

Serve with Raisthorpe’s Rhubarb Gin to accentuate the sharp and sweet hit from the rhubarb with the refreshing bubbles of the tonic. Equally as good with Raisthorpe’s Oak Aged Gin to please the palate of a traditional dry gin appreciator.


A versatile tonic that gives a hit of lime followed by lemon from the citrus extracts producing a perfect mixer for a premium Yorkshire gin or vodka. This is a refreshing tonic that leaves a slight tang on the tongue when served simply with ice and a slice and perfect with Raisthorpe’s Elderflower Gin Liqueur.

Strawberry and Pomegranate

This super partnership of Mediterranean strawberry combined with the Middle Eastern Pomegranate produces a tonic that is smooth and fruity with the Pomegranate giving added depth of flavour to the strawberry.

This is a mixer that can be enjoyed simply with ice and a garnish of fresh strawberries or added to a premium floral or fruit gin. Combine with Raisthorpe’s Rhubarb Gin to enjoy a beautiful fruit medley in a glass.

Pink Grapefruit

A tonic with sharp overtones from the grapefruit offers a crispness to a dry gin or a contrast to a sweet floral or fruit gin. If you are a lover of grapefruit, you can appreciate this simply with ice and a slice of grapefruit or added to a premium Yorkshire dry gin.

This tonic pleases the palate of a dry gin drinker when paired with Raisthorpe’s Oak Aged Dry Gin or Distilled Gin and adds a sharp but fruity twist to Raisthorpe’s Elderflower Gin Liqueur.

Apple and Elderflower

The best companion to any fruity and floral premium gin. The crispness of the apple is complemented by the smoothness of the Elderflower giving a tonic that is perfectly balanced and perfectly acceptable as a drink in its own right over ice.

Raisthorpe’s Elderflower Gin Liqueur is a natural partner to this tonic together with Raisthorpe Manor’s fruit gins and Raspberry and Apple Vodka.

If you are passing the York Designer Outlet, Fulford you can buy them from our stand at the South Entrance or our stand in the White Rose Centre, Leeds opposite Next.

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