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Welcome to Harrogate Tipple, the home of Premium Harrogate Gin and Premium Harrogate Rum.

He's Steve and I'm Sally, we're a married couple and we live in Harrogate with our three children and Rex (the dog). Harrogate captured our hearts from the moment we arrived; glamping in North Yorkshire, we popped in for lunch and left knowing that's where out hearts and lives belong! Less than a year later we'd moved our family and future here, without knowing a soul!

We've worked in the media industry for years, but feel it’s time to make the most of living in this lovely town, celebrating and sharing the surroundings and all it has to offer with you. We both enjoy a tipple or two, so it seemed like a good idea to mix business with pleasure, especially when we found what we thought would be the perfect building in the centre of Harrogate - an old smokehouse (built in 1899), in need of a little tender loving care..