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Established in Yorkshire in 1997, Dovecote Park is proud to supply the very finest British beef, veal and venison to Waitrose supermarkets nationwide. Sourcing directly from the Dovecote Park/Waitrose producer group, the company prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare and husbandry. The strong relationship with our producers is paramount to creating the tastiest beef with optimum traceability.

Dovecote Park's operations are split between two dedicated sites - the original plant in picturesque North Yorkshire, situated between the idyllic villages of Stapleton and Darrington, and a secondary site at Skellingthorpe in Lincolnshire. A committed team of over 680 staff take the process from hoof to retail pack, combining traditional British butchery with leading manufacturing technology to ensure the highest quality product made with maximum efficiency. In order to achieve outstanding texture and taste, all of our beef hindquarters are aged for a minimum of seven days on the bone, with specially selected cuts aged for a minimum of 30 days to produce the outstanding ‘dry-age' range. As one of the top independent processors in the United Kingdom, Dovecote Park are a leading and progressive company in our field, committed to delivering all the integrity, traceability, and assurance that customers should expect from a purely British supply chain.

Dovecote Park is proud to be a successful independent business, supplying the highest quality British beef through its dedicated supply chain in partnership with Waitrose. We are totally committed to the sustainable growth and delivery of a business founded on integrity and ethical principles that supports and adds value to the local community. Our aim is to become the employer of choice through a continual programme of investment and development in our people, production facilities, processes and products.

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