aql is a Leeds based, wholesale integrated communications Operator.

aql provides secure, reliable mobile messaging, data, text messaging and information security services to the public and private sector.

Its wholesale division is one of the UK’s largest IP Telephony fixed line operators. aql is responsible for the voice services and numbering on over 80 million numbers for over 20 UK ISP’s, routes over 1 million SMS text messages per day and has enabled over 40 UK MVNO brands.

aql also own and operate a significant national data network and secure datacentre sites within the UK. The aql network is a national network spanning several sites. With a large presence both in London and also significant out-of-London points of presence, this allows aql to operate a heavily interconnected network with full geographic resilience.

The UK Regulator recognizes aql as a significant market force in fixed and mobile services.

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