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Anthropods is the inspiration of talented train designer, Rik Currie, a Chartered Industrial Designer who specialises in transport. Anthropods brings the disciplines of great product design combined with the cost-savings of 21st century process construction and high quality build standards.

An Anthropod is like no other temporary dwelling combining the flexible use of space with a range of quality fit-out options to suit any market, all encapsulated in a stylish, modern package.

Using sound design principles combined with creative flair, Anthropods addresses the need for luxury glamping, camping and additional hotel space. The adaptability of Anthropods makes for easy customisation from a luxurious, work-friendly home office to utilitarian usage in disaster relief environments or military theatres of operations.

The Pod’s flexibility goes even further as the unique leg configurations (*TM) means you can locate Anthropods on uneven ground, raked hillsides and up to five metres high under the tree canopy. Ground work is kept to minimum and the pods are easily re-locatable on site.

Anthropods are designed to be equally at home in warm or cold environments enabling year around usage in a variety of climates.

We are pleased that a part of Anthropods manufacturing is undertaken under licence by experienced pod manufacturers, Lesko Modular Group Ltd, based in Peterborough. Lesko’s formidable expertise and cooperation supplements the output of Anthropods’ factory in North Yorkshire.

All original design rights, registered designs, copyright and trade marks are held by Anthropods & Co Ltd on a global basis.

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