Welcome to Yorkshire’s Tech Expo Success as Technology Met Tourism in Hull


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Welcome to Yorkshire’s Tech Expo Success 

as Technology Met Tourism in Hull

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Welcome to Yorkshire was delighted to be a strategic partner for the global technology festival, Tech Week Humber, a 5-day annual extravaganza of virtual and physical events, AND to host a brilliant business breakfast, on Tuesday 9th November, a kick-start for the flagship Tech Expo held at the Bonus Arena, Hull.

Over 70 delegates attended the networking  event and enjoyed hearing from Welcome to Yorkshire’s fabulous guest speaker, Demetri Kalli, from 3rockAR, a London-based agency specialising in augmented and virtual reality in advertising, who are currently working with Welcome to Yorkshire on an exciting cycling campaign which will promote bike riding holidays in East Yorkshire.

Guests were then able to enter Tech Expo and speak to over 20 exhibitors, including Connexin, Hull College, DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre), Think Cloud, Riverside Motors and many more, to listen to an array of spectacular speakers throughout the day.

Technology experts met with representatives from attractions and businesses across the tourism sector, to find out more about how technology can benefit organisations.

Head of Commercial at Welcome to Yorkshire, Natalie McGuire, said “We are currently working with 3RockAR to bring to life the cycling offer in the East Riding of Yorkshire, an innovative augmented reality campaign that will immerse the user in the experience and allow us to showcase the region to audiences across the globe. The wider tech week programme is also important to the tourism and hospitality sector.

"We are keen to embrace developments in technology and we are asked regularly to support organisations in hospitality and other sectors to help them grow their business through new channels. We are also actively aware of how important Hull has become as a tech hub for Yorkshire and it is important for us to be able to showcase this and bring in the best talent”

Hull Entrepreneur and founder of Tech Week Humber, Antonio Tombanane, said “It’s great to partner with Welcome to Yorkshire to work together shining a light on the incredible innovation and tech opportunities in this region. We were delighted to welcome and showcase the world’s most influential tech brands to the Humber”.

Promoting the Humber as a location for technology and innovation, the 2021 Tech Week had  a packed schedule inspiring future generations into technology careers, as well as allowing companies to showcase their tech products and services … including Bernard, the robotic dog!

Tech Week Humber is a global technology festival, started in 2019, welcoming thousands of attendees and reaching millions of people across almost 50 countries, attracting influential international tech brands, including IBM, Google, Twitter, Facebook and Apple, amongst others.

For Yorkshire inspiration: yorkshire.com

Tech Week Humber: techweekhumber.com



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