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Welcome to Yorkshire’s Digital Traffic Points Towards Tourism Recovery

Yorkshire’s tourism agency, Welcome to Yorkshire has revealed some very encouraging data, suggesting interest in the county as a place to visit has dramatically increased as the UK re-emerges from lockdown.

In the month of May, saw traffic increase by 47% compared to April with 91% of visitors clicking on the website for the first time. Traffic to members’ listing pages saw an increase of 45% with links directly to member websites also up by 42%.

In the last few weeks the decision to rebrand the organisation’s membership social media feeds, to have a greater focus on industry specific news, has paid off with visitors turning to for information and guidance on COVID-19 specific related content.

Traffic to the industry website during May was up by 52%, with again a big increase from new visitors (85%).

The most popular pages visited related to a series of ‘tourism recovery plan’ webinars which were oversubscribed on each occasion.

This positive news for Yorkshire’s visitor economy comes ahead of the organisation’s decision to release a recovery plan for the region under the banner of ‘Reopen, Recover and Rebuild.’

"I have made no secret about the fact that we have so much digital potential going forward and this can provide valuable insight for the industry and key decision makers. We saw a big volume of organic impressions across our social accounts in April when lockdown really kicked in reaching 4,108,503 accounts in April alone, up by 24% compared to March,” explained Chief Executive James Mason.

"Our creative and digital team, in fact the whole organisation, has worked non-stop since COVID-19 struck. Our aim was to lead from the front with engaging, yet important, information for the industry. I think these statistics prove more than ever that Welcome to Yorkshire is a viable proposition, but more importantly has a huge part to play in the region’s recovery, both as an economy and tourist destination.

 "The suggestion is that the UK 'staycation' market is set to boom. This is reinforced with a huge increase of new visitors coming to our sites to see what Yorkshire has to offer. We have to take the positives from this."

Welcome to Yorkshire also saw a big increase in their social media engagement across the last six weeks, with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn all seeing growth. Head of Digital Pete Wilson said "We have to be encouraged by visitor volume and engagement across all platforms and it is something we have worked hard to achieve. Since formal lockdown began we have seen a reach of 9,709,714 . This is reinforced with a huge increase of new visitors coming to our sites to see what Yorkshire has to offer. We have to take the positives from this.

Tom Ashurst, Digital Marketing Manager added, "Our change in Twitter address from @wtymembership to @wtyindustry was a subtle but important one. We have seen an increase in followers and interaction on the back of this which all bodes well for the future."

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