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Welcome to Yorkshire Calls For More Help For B&B Owners

Accommodation providers are the backbone of Yorkshire’s tourism industry but there are fears many B & B owners might not survive the COVID-19 crisis.

Financial support offered by the government to small businesses affected by the Coronavirus has been broadly welcomed but it’s emerging some tourism businesses may slip through the safety net.

Grants of up to £10,000 are being made available to struggling hospitality businesses who pay business rates, but crucially these may not be available to some Bed & Breakfast owners who pay council tax instead, as they live in the property.

Welcome to Yorkshire’s chief executive James Mason said: "We have heard disturbing stories from B&B owners who are desperately worried whether their businesses will survive or not. We acknowledge the efforts that Government has made in assisting businesses, the self-employed and individuals, but it appears that many B&B owners across this region could go to the wall if they are unable to access support. These people are paying thousands of pounds in council tax, contributing to local services, yet are now at risk. As a matter of urgency, I am asking the Chancellor to look at ways these businesses could be supported."

Welcome to Yorkshire has also written to all Yorkshire & Humber MPs asking them to look at industry specific support for the entire Tourism sector in Yorkshire, some of which hasn’t even recovered from the recent flooding before being forced to close by COVID-19.

Welcome to Yorkshire would like to hear from any businesses, both members and non-members, who are being affected by the Coronavirus and are not getting the support they need to survive.

All responses will be collated and shared with the government to highlight the desperate situation many people have found themselves in.

Please share your experiences and concerns at info@yorkshire.com

Welcome to Yorkshire is also working alongside Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) who already feed into the government each week and with Local Authority partners who are also feeding in specific issues of concern to the government via the Tourism Alliance.

Any members with specific concerns may also want to contact their local MP.


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