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Unlocking the potential of the Yorkshire brand

Welcome to Yorkshire is proud to be a co-sponsor of The Yorkshire Society’s half-day conference that will highlight Yorkshire’s distinctive brand values, with talks by guest speakers on how to use your ‘Yorkshireness’ for commercial success.

There is no question that the business environment is very challenging at the moment, but The Yorkshire Society – and Welcome to Yorkshire – believe that companies in Yorkshire possess a competitive advantage to overcome those challenges and succeed.

Yorkshire’s enduring personality traits can be used as the foundations to create a strong business culture and distinctive products and services.

This half-day conference will deliver insights and advice to illustrate how local business, across different industries, can use the Yorkshire brand to generate sustainable growth.

Various guest speakers will be in attendance, including Stewart Arnold from the University of Hull and our own James Mason. Full list below.

Join a half-day conference showcasing how local businesses can use their ‘Yorkshireness’ for commercial success. Brought to you by The Yorkshire Society.

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Event Details

Tuesday 23rd November 2021, 1pm – 5:30pm (registration from 12:30pm)

Cedar Court Hotel, Park Parade, Harrogate HG1 5AH

Tickets available at £50 per person

Guest Speakers

Stewart Arnold – University of Hull
Introduction & Conference Moderator

Kevin Sinfield – Ex Yorkshire Tea
The power of the Yorkshire brand

James Mason – Welcome to Yorkshire
The appeal of Yorkshire beyond our border

Wayne Topley – Cedar Court Hotels
Harnessing Yorkshire hospitality

Kim Johnstone – CityFibre
How Yorkshire stands the test of time in a hi-tech world

Andy Davidson – Red Sky
Why Yorkshire businesses are attractive to investors


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