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Yorkshire is still open for business!

Following the recent bad weather and potential travel disruption over the bank holiday, here are some top tips for members to share the message far and wide that Yorkshire is open for business and offers a warm welcome to all.

1. Keep active on social media - Post positive pictures, videos and messaging of your business and the surrounding area. Tell people what’s new and exciting!

2. Share events that are coming up over the next few weeks even if they’re not yours, it’s all about promoting your area and Yorkshire!

3. Give clear directions for visitors - Make sure you update your website with possible alternative directions if there are diversions in place.

4. Use WTY resources - Upload your Press Releases, Offers & Events via our Members Portal and promote them on social media.

5. Stay positive - Keep your messaging upbeat ensuring all your outgoing communication is positive, inspirational and engaging.

If you need any advice on social media and PR promotion join one of our PR and social media workshops available exclusively for Welcome to Yorkshire members.

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