Statement from Welcome to Yorkshire re Y20 and Coronavirus (COVID-19)


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Statement from Welcome to Yorkshire re Y20 and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Given the challenges we all face from Coronavirus (COVID-19) we have decided to postpone the Y20 tourism event scheduled to take place on March 25th at St George’s Hall Bradford.

We have been following the daily updates from Public Health England and it is now clear that the Government is moving into the next phase of its planning, designed to reduce the peak of infections.

We are liaising with the venue to try and secure a future date for the event. In the meantime, we’re planning how we can best showcase some of the announcements we had hoped to make at Y20.

James Mason, Chief Executive of Welcome to Yorkshire, said:

“This is obviously disappointing news for everyone connected with the event, including our own hard-working staff and the team at St George’s Hall who have put so much time and effort in over the last few weeks and months.

“In addition, we would like to apologise to the hundreds of people who have already registered to attend, but postponement is the right thing to do. The health and well-being of people across Yorkshire and the whole country is the priority.

“We know that tourism businesses are suffering due to this outbreak but hopefully the measures that the Government is now putting in place will see the impact lessen over time.

“Here at Welcome to Yorkshire we will use these setbacks as an opportunity to proactively plan how we can best support our members in these difficult times and most effectively help them move forward and recover as quickly as possible.

“We stand ready, willing and able to promote Yorkshire and its wonderful destinations and attractions but we must act responsibly and do our bit to reduce exposure to the virus.”

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