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Local Council Distribution of Funds

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has updated the local authority reported payments to 27 February 2022 for the following Grants:

  • Additional Restrictions Grant
  • Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant

There are some local authorities that have forwarded funding to businesses, while others still have significant levels of unallocated funding.

For ARG funding, some examples of local authorities in our region which have funding allocations remaining include:

  • Wakefield Metropolitan District Council, £4.1m of unallocated funds
  • City of York Council, £1.3m
  • Hambleton District Council, £500k
  • Richmondshire District Council, £491k

On the Hospitality and Leisure Grant, some examples of Local Authorities in our region which still have funding allocations remaining include:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council, £3.8m of unallocated grant
  • Scarborough Borough Council, £3m
  • Sheffield City Council, £1m
  • Hull City Council, £700k

A full of both grant allocations and total value of payments made by local authority area can be found here.

This funding must be allocated by local authorities before the end of the financial year, or it must be returned to the Government.

We therefore strongly encourage tourism businesses to approach their local authority as soon as possible to secure funding to protect jobs and encourage a strong recovery from the impact of the pandemic.



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