The Welcome to Yorkshire Board

Board Members

Our Board consists of:

  1. Peter Box CBE - Chair
  2. Dan Bates
  3. Cllr Carl Les
  4. Mayor Ros Jones
  5. John Gallery

Board dates:


Thursday 24 June 2021

Thursday 16 September 2021

Thursday 18 November 2021 - Meeting deferred 

Thursday 9 December 2021


UPDATE - 9 December 2021

The Board of Welcome to Yorkshire has today agreed to move forward with a review on the future direction of the organisation, with further details being announced early in the New Year.

Peter Box, Chair of Welcome to Yorkshire, said:

“We are grateful to the Yorkshire and Humber Leaders for confirming their own review.

“It is important that our work does not overlap with this process but is complementary to it.

“It is our intention that the Welcome to Yorkshire review takes into account important research on the region’s tourism sector carried out over the last two years.

“We look forward to producing a final report for consideration by the Yorkshire and Humber Leaders in February.”



We warmly welcome the inclusion of the future direction of Welcome to Yorkshire as an agenda item at the next meeting of the Yorkshire Leaders Board on 18 November. We look forward to the outcome of this discussion and any recommendations that are made.

To facilitate proper consideration of such recommendations and allow time for additional feedback from the Yorkshire Leaders, we have rescheduled the next meeting of the Welcome to Yorkshire Board to 9 December.



Thursday 27 January 2022

Thursday 24 March 2022


Board Statement - July 2021

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Welcome to Yorkshire Response to Questions - August 2021

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